They say every picture tells a story, and I like to think that every garment does too. That's why, with every piece you buy, I will include a delightful "story" of the life that your garment once led.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY Suspenders made from Vintage Ties!

Wanna make your very own one-of-a-kind suspenders? It's easy! I have a few pairs of suspenders and I have been scouring thrift stores looking for more but haven't had any luck. I saw some printed suspenders in a fashion photo and thought that they looked silk, like a silk tie. I have since been dreaming of making suspenders from vintage ties so yesterday I finally did it! I hope you like them!!
Instructions: For starters head to your local thrift store or you BF's closet and steal 2 of your favorite ties. Don't steal from the thrift store though, only steal from your BF or Dad. :) You will also need: a needle, thread, scissors, and clips. I bought my clips at Michaels, they came in a package of 4. But if you find actual suspender clips, get those and then let me know where you found them, cause I sure couldn't. 
Now fold the skinny end of the tie over about an inch and place your clip in the middle. My clips came with a circle cut out on the backside so you can thread your needle in and out. I threaded all around the circle to really secure the clip to the tie. I also sewed the triangle part of the tie so that it didn't stick up. Do the same with the other skinny end of the tie. 
Now that you have 2 ends finished, clip those ends onto the back of your pants and throw the straps over your shoulders. Look in the mirror to see how they look. From here I tied the ties together from the middle of my chest. When you tie it kind of knots one tie around the other so I tied the tie that didn't get tied around the one that did. So now they are double tied. I did this so that if you need to tighten or loosen the suspenders, you will have slack on both straps. Play with your knots, you can knot it a couple of times or you can tie it like a tie.
FInally, while the suspenders were still connected to the back of my pants I measured down to the front of my pant with the tie straps. Then I cut the ties, leaving a bit of slack. Then I folded the ends in and began sewing the clips to this end of the tie. Now do the same to the other end. 
And you're done! It was easy, right?!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Penny's Paisley Tie Top

Paisley is partly Indian in origin. The paisley shape resembles a mango and is sometimes associated with Hinduism. Three things about the origin that Penny and I both love; paisley print, mangos, and India. This paisley top features a collared tie and large gem toned colored paisley's. Penny loved paisley and wore this top to go see the movie Labyrinth in 1986. Penny instantly fell in love with the King of Goblins "David Bowie". But who wouldn't? Dance magic, dance. Jump magic, jump. 
Some things you should do before you die, if you live in LA:
*Watch the movie Labyrinth
*Buy a paisley top from me
*Go to Forest Lawn in Glendale, Ca. and walk the Labyrinth. This is my most favorite place in the world; better than Disneyland! And its free.
Paisley Tie Top $26
Fits size 0-6
BTW look at my nails! I'm obsessed with Sally Hansen nail strips! Go get some!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chrissy's Crochet Sweater

In 1979 Three's Company was a huge TV hit and Chrissy Snow's character played by Suzanne Somers was the hottest babe pretty much ever. Chrissy wore this sweater on camera while roller skating at the Santa Monica Pier. Chrissy's boobs were pretty large and in charge, and this top has a habit of creeping down the shoulders, so the producers had to bid it adieu. The top was too risqué for the show but you can have a Chrissy hand me down for just $24. If you're lucky you'll bust out of it too! Fits size 0-6

Whether you wear it with white knee socks and booty shorts like Chrissy did, or with some skinny jeans or wideleggers, you are sure to be a smokin' hot babe.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Penelope's Party Fun Time Top

In 1988 Penelope had two children, one dog and a love of all things fun. She enjoyed life and liked to express her happiness through her clothing. She stumbled upon this top, and she told me "I wasn't sure what the print was i just knew that it made me happy". She wore it to many park, party and other happy time events. You too can have fun, start a party in this shirt and go get happy. 
Fun Time Printed top $24

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Haddie's Bandana Dress

Dresses are great because they are a complete outfit. No need to bother with a jacket to go with your dress in this heat wave. Seriously it is so hot this summer. Gerry said our electric bill was $30 MORE than usual. Well if you wanna avoid the heat but still look hot grab this 70's bandana dress. Haddie hand made this dress in '73. She wore it to a music festival featuring her favorite artist Cat Stevens. Every time I hear "Peace train" or "Moon shadow" by Cat Stevens it brings a tear to my eye. Listen to one of his albums and maybe the tears will cool you off from this wretched heat. Style this dress with some platform sandals and your hair with a twist on milk maid braids.
Bandana printed maxi dress $36

Friday, August 26, 2011

Janie Frolicks in her Floral Frock

Pleated maxi skirts are precious and full of perks. 
1. you can eat all you want and the yoke of the skirt covers your tummy. 
2. you will look darling. 
3. you can run, skip, jump and play your day away. 
Grab this floral skirt or one of my many others and enjoy life a little bit more, Janie did. Janie pranced around her garden many a day in this skirt during the late 70's and early 80's. She grew all sorts of flowers but her favorite was night blooming jasmine, as is mine. 
Pleated Floral Maxi Skirt $26. Copious Happiness=Priceless.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Calliope's Collarless Jacket

Calliope turned 14 in the fall of 1978. Her parents were hippies who had her very young, hence her name. In Greek mythology Calliope was the muse of epic poetry as well as the muse and inspiration for Homers the Odyssey and the Illiad. Her name commanded great power and influence. Her parents wanted her to be an individual and express herself though her clothing; so her mother sewed her this unique printed jacket for her 14th birthday. When she wore it to school the next day she read a ballad in front of class and all of her peers were inspired. Evoke some of Calliopes energy and captivate your friends in this jacket. Printed jacket $28, fits sizes 2-6. Chocolate colored slacks $30, fits size 0-4. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alice's Colorblock Tea Party For One

Alice lived in a land of wonder. She enjoyed lonesome tea parties where she was able to think and ponder. She loved this color block skirt with a black yoke and back zipper and often wore it while tea-ing. One great thing about this skirt is that whether you take a pill to make you larger or small this skirt will still fit; can be worn at the natural waist or at the hip. If this skirt is your cup of tea, wear it and sing "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane. Also if you come over and play rock band with me, that is MY jam so don't even think about singing it! Fits sizes 2-6. $26

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby's Shoulder Pads are Powerful

Baby dressed to kill and thats exactly what she did when she went to a meeting with Ad Execs in this "power suit" in 1983. Baby was sweet but she showed no mercy and got the position and the salary she wanted. Shoulder Pads' masculine shape were adopted by women seeking success in the corporate world in the 80's. Every decade since the 1930's has shown resurgence of the pads, so it would seen that the look is here to stay. Define your silhouette and position with this navy dress featuring batwing sleeves, pockets, a back zipper and lots of great seam design. Dress $32 Fits sizes 2-6   

Monday, August 22, 2011

Stella's Floral Skort

Stella loved showing off her legs in shorts and skirts. In this garments case she couldn't choose which part she liked more, the fact that at first glance it looked like nothing more than a beautiful skirt or with a one leg jump that it magically becomes shorts. These beauties feature pockets and a comfortable elastic waist band. You can tuck in a simple tank or tee, tie up a button down at the waist, wear with a crop sweater or throw a denim jacket over, the possibilities are endless. Slip into a skort for just $28. Fits sizes 0-6

Floral Printed Skort $28

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Astrids Twiggy Dress

No need to go looking for 70's dress patterns and spending 15 hours trying to piece together a cute dress. Astrid did the work for you when she gave away her sweet 70's dress with front pleats. This reminds me of a dress that twiggy would have worn. Embrace the 70's and your inner twiggy for $24. Fits size 0-4

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Priscilla is a Parrothead

The term "Parrot Head" began in 1985 at a Jimmy Buffet concert when Jimmy noticed that many of his fans were wearing Hawaiian shirts and parrot hats. Priscilla was a huge fan of Mr. Buffets and in 1987 she wore this parrot printed shirt and high waisted shorts to his concert. Whether you're going to a J B concert or just watering a plant I hope that you one day get to visit Margaritaville.

Parrot Button Down Tee $20
High Waisted Denim Shorts $16

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tootsie's Silk Skirt

This khaki colored silk maxi skirt was previously owned by Tootsie. Tootsie was a major babe, like the model pictured in these photos. She was an extra on the tv drama Dallas in 1983. All the dudes were crushing hard on Tootsie, which made Priscilla Presley get super jealous, and had her kicked off the set. Tootsie never got to do her roll in the dance scene. :( But you can get your chance to dance if you decide to purchase this beautiful skirt.

Silk Button Down Maxi Skirt $42

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kitty's Garfield Dress

When I was a kid, I loved watching Saturday morning cartoons. One of my favorites was Garfield and Friends. This dress reminds of Garfield, and makes me very happy. It also pleased Kitty; its previous owner. Kitty was a spicy broad and a funny character. She, like a cat, liked to hang out on stairs, curl up with you on the couch and eat lasagna. If you don't like cats you kinda suck, but hopefully you'll like the dress. 

80's Printed Dress $28

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Twins Skant Set

Twins Bambi & Barbie loved matching their outfits. In 1988 the twins found this red diamond printed rayon crepe pant and skirt set and were instantly smitten. These ultimate babe sisters moved to Tinseltown a few years later and wore these outfits to dinner with some friends. They spotted the Hall brothers who also liked to coordinate outfits. Bruce quickly fell for Bambi and Seth for Barbie. They all lived happily together in identical bliss. If matching isn't your thing, pick a bottom but still find yourself a twin; they're fun!

Red diamond printed pant or skirt $28 each

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Margaret's Cocktail Dress

Margaret's favorite color was peacock blue so this dress was her favorite when she wanted a cocktail or two. Margaret enjoyed all types of spirits, and if you bought her enough, off with her dress!
The great thing about this dress is that it requires no jewels as it has strips draped from shoulder to shoulder. So if you get this complete outfit you can still have money for shots shots shots shots shots!

Peacock blue dress with décolletage strips $36

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jessica's Floral Romper

BBBBB-Go Bayside! I want to believe so badly that Kelly Kapowski wore this sweet heart floral romper on an episode of Saved By the Bell, but I can't. It was actually Jessica from San Diego. She romped around town in this precious get-up and wore it with high top chucks and oversized tees with a tee shirt clip. I LOVE those! Go ahead, be Zack Morris' dream babe.

'90s Floral Romper $26