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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY Suspenders made from Vintage Ties!

Wanna make your very own one-of-a-kind suspenders? It's easy! I have a few pairs of suspenders and I have been scouring thrift stores looking for more but haven't had any luck. I saw some printed suspenders in a fashion photo and thought that they looked silk, like a silk tie. I have since been dreaming of making suspenders from vintage ties so yesterday I finally did it! I hope you like them!!
Instructions: For starters head to your local thrift store or you BF's closet and steal 2 of your favorite ties. Don't steal from the thrift store though, only steal from your BF or Dad. :) You will also need: a needle, thread, scissors, and clips. I bought my clips at Michaels, they came in a package of 4. But if you find actual suspender clips, get those and then let me know where you found them, cause I sure couldn't. 
Now fold the skinny end of the tie over about an inch and place your clip in the middle. My clips came with a circle cut out on the backside so you can thread your needle in and out. I threaded all around the circle to really secure the clip to the tie. I also sewed the triangle part of the tie so that it didn't stick up. Do the same with the other skinny end of the tie. 
Now that you have 2 ends finished, clip those ends onto the back of your pants and throw the straps over your shoulders. Look in the mirror to see how they look. From here I tied the ties together from the middle of my chest. When you tie it kind of knots one tie around the other so I tied the tie that didn't get tied around the one that did. So now they are double tied. I did this so that if you need to tighten or loosen the suspenders, you will have slack on both straps. Play with your knots, you can knot it a couple of times or you can tie it like a tie.
FInally, while the suspenders were still connected to the back of my pants I measured down to the front of my pant with the tie straps. Then I cut the ties, leaving a bit of slack. Then I folded the ends in and began sewing the clips to this end of the tie. Now do the same to the other end. 
And you're done! It was easy, right?!


  1. I have some suspender clips that have been around for ages. I am definitely making these little beauties.

  2. Ooooh cool! You should send me a pic if you make them. I would love to see your creation! :)