They say every picture tells a story, and I like to think that every garment does too. That's why, with every piece you buy, I will include a delightful "story" of the life that your garment once led.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Estate Treasures

Last weekend my mom and I stumbled upon the most amazing estate sale ever! Jeraldine Jackson died in San Diego at age 93. She was a model in New York in the '30s and '40s. She lived all over the US and finally settled in San Diego after her husband died. Here's the amazing part, Jeraldine and her sister had kept every piece of clothing and accessory they had ever worn in their adult lives including all of the bomb designer clothes they had amassed while modeling. You can imagine my surprise when I entered the living room and saw around 200 hats and shoes. The man monitoring the room said "if you like vintage clothes you should go in the back rooms." Yes he said "rooms!" I walked into the most amazing collection of vintage clothes that I had ever seen. Not even a vintage boutique could compare. The pictures are ghetto but you get the point. I was overwhelmed but I was able to get my bearings straight and hunt for the best that Jeraldine had to offer.

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