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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DIY Clothes Clips!

Remember these fashionable clips from when I was young? Ok, well these are super cute & they serve a purpose. If you have any garments that you don't wear that often cause theyre a little too big, so you have to tuck them in or belt them in order to wear them. Solution: the dress clip. These clips will pull a garment tighter to your body and make you look really cool. Now the question is, do you want fancy or casual clips? Lets start with fancy. 
Things you'll need: old string of pearls, the same clips we used for the DIY suspenders, some cool vintage buttons, scissors and some stretchy bead string (fishing cord). First string some pearls onto your stretchy string; about 20. Then knot it to one of your clips. Leave extra string so that you can attach a pretty button to the end of the pearls. Do the same to the other side and abracadabra, you're done!

Now casual clip. You will need: needle, pins, scissors, clips, thread, fabric (i used left over tie fabric from the DIY suspenders) and elastic. First measure and cut, about a 10 inch strip of fabric. Then place a strip of elastic about 6 inches inside the middle of the strip of fabric. You want to be able to fold the fabric over the elastic on both sides. Then you grab a pin and pin one end of the fabric & elastic. Then carefully start stretching the elastic with the fabric and pin about 5 pins about an inch apart. You should get a wormy piece of fabric like in the picture. Then you start hand sewing small stitches in the middle of the fabric (where the elastic is). You can use a sewing machine, but I know not everyone has one so I wanted to try to sew it by hand to make sure that everyone can do it! I put one end of the fabric between my front teeth to hold the fabric taught while I sewed it. Once you have sewn the strip, you can fold over one end of the fabric and hand sew the clip to the edge of the fabric. Make sure its secure! Do the same to the other end and ta-da!

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