They say every picture tells a story, and I like to think that every garment does too. That's why, with every piece you buy, I will include a delightful "story" of the life that your garment once led.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sara's Flowy Ruffle Gown

Sara wore this gorgeous 70's glam gown to dinner in a fancy restaurant. She dined on her favorite meal; tortellinis with gorgonzola. Sara wore this dress with gold stiletto sling backs and bright red lipstick. Don't wait forever for your man to take you on a fancy date, show him this dress and he'll know exactly where to take you. Also check out her fish tail braid. If you have long hair I will be tempted to do this to your hair. I was the best braider on my block when I was 8, just so you know.
Black Glam Gown $42. Fits sizes 4-8.

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