They say every picture tells a story, and I like to think that every garment does too. That's why, with every piece you buy, I will include a delightful "story" of the life that your garment once led.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Greta's Gaucho Pants

Gaucho pants were really popular in the 1960's and resurfaced in the 1990's and again in the 2000's. Remember those nasty solid colored weird ones made of a soft material that people wore several years ago? Those were so nast! But if you want some cool floral printed ones these are your best bet. So comfy and cute. Below are 3 photos of me wearing them and then one pic of a model wearing some cool purple silk Gucci ones. Look at how they paired boots with the gauchos, so cool. Ok now keep looking down until you see the green nasty ones that I was talking about. Yucky! Sorry to anyone who has or had these. I've made mistakes too!
Floral printed gaucho pants $24. Fits sizes 0-8?. Seriously, these are super stretchy.

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